Division by 0 when spread count 0

Yesterday, I was having lots of gui freezes with v4, main caused by mouse dragging a spread count to zero.
If showexcpetions was enabled a pop up box with division by zero appeared, if it wasn’t then it freezes v4 as if it was waiting for the box to be clicked ok.
Different pc today, and the error only seems to show in the tty, and asks me to show exceptions, but please don’t tell me that nulls are now bad?
Even on this pc after doing this the gui can be unpredictable for a while (not mouse pointer, cant click and drag), lots of clicking around tends to fix it.

freezing gui doesn’t sound nice. but to investigate that we would need some kind of patch. still a division by zero is also not a good thing. you remember which node it was?

hi cat!

no, spreadcounts of 0 are not evil. sorry to hear you getting uncomfortable about things like that…
again a patch that causes the trouble would be the best to be able to identify the trouble making node. and say again: these were all beta28 on the different machines?

Ok, so I’m only working on 1 pc at the moment still in beta27, its got 2 gfx cards with fullscreen renderers on both.
I’m still having this issue, but it doesn;t just happen on spread count =0 but when I right click a drag values, in the inspector or on nodes, sometimes I drag and then it freezes, sometimes I go to drag and it freezes.
I have to force quit through the task manager.
Last time I did this, I think I saw an exceptions dialog in the background, I suspect that its something to do with this dialogs box being active but behind all the v4 windows. Another reason I suspect that its this dialog is that when I right click patches sometimes they open and imediately dispear in to the back of all the open windows, I suspect the dialog box also does this, therefore I can’t click ok.
Having said this it happens also when the exceptions are hidden, they don;t show in the tty… So what do I know!
I can’t make a patch to demonstrate as its completely random, I’ve started rebooting after them, but sometimes its 5 mins, sometimes it a hour or 2…
I’ve taken to saving a LOT!

Right, I think I may have an idea…
Writing that last post made me think that I also get weird right click behaviour, ie sometime I get a pop up instead of a drag as well, I now wonder if its my mouse. New as it is, it came with the system, and I think the mouse button might be double triggering, I’ve changed mouse (to my 6 year old £5 mouse!) and I will report back!
Feels better so far…

I got exactly the same problem since a while , quite annoying , doesn’t matter the beta , but it happens only on one machinne with win7 on it , i got a good mouse , no idea where it come from.

do you by chance remember when it all started?

not really unfortunatelly … it doesn’t really matter the patch , when i do a right click sometime randomly it crash even if there’s almost nothing in the patch.

changed the mouse no more problem…

the same happened to me. suddenly gui freezes ocurred. then mouse died. no more problems with new mouse.

vvvv kills mice!
Does this mean my favourite software is no longer vegetarian??!!