Divided by zero - SendEmail bug threatens existence of everything



Hi everyone, i am trying to send emails with v4, but at first attempt,
this thing pops out:

nevertheless email get sent anyway
and on the second attempt, vvvv just freez and dies, but manage to send it anyway

i can do what I want with some exec magic, but it would be nice to have this node working, thanks!


btw this thing should do the trick with exec commands if anyone is interested


Have you tried showexceptions ?


showexceptions won’t help because the exception gets raised inside of an asynchronous callback method (not the vvvv thread). unhandled exceptions lead to a crash of the application. only solution i see is fixing that bug in the node itself.


well it doesn’t look like a big problem since it accomplish task it should but crashes afterwards


It works without any problems on 27.1


issue should be fixed in upcoming alpha release.