Dissolving text effect

Hey y’all!

I am trying to create a text cloud with different animation states.
I attached a simplified version of it so you guys can have a look.

From the state you see in my patch i am now trying to split up the text lines into single characters and rearrange them randomly in space. Some kind of exploding effect.

To do that i think i need the lines from the feed split into chars right from the beginning in order to later give every char new xyz coordinates.
So i tried to ‘emulate’ the text lines using split(string) and linear spreads but then the spacing between the letters is ugly.

Any ideas how to achieve this in a nice way?

rss_cloud.v4p (17.5 kB)

there is GlyphInfo (String) to do such things… you could feed it with the alphabet to get the width of each character and then select them according to your word/text…

thanks ton, I’ll try that.