Dissolve (Transition) bug

Hi vvvvolks,

I remade the Dissolve (Transition) node for beta 9.10 and 4v doesn’t display my second texture when I switch to it. I tried to make the whole thing as a patch and it worked well but as soon as I saved it as a node it started showing a naked quad instead of my texture. Texture is a jpeg file and the problem appears only on the second texture.
I dit it again and again and I don’t understand what’s the trouble. Maybe the renderer…

Dissolve (Texture Transition) ???
oh, this is by the way not a node but a very old module made (with beta 4 i think)…
it is nice to read that somebody uses this stuff!

i remember that i often had similar problems.
try this:
open module
select that renderer
change the display mode (Alt+1,+2,+3)
and change it back

have a look at that Filetexture node WITH INSPECTOR.
since beta 6?!? there are 7 new pins which are DISSELECTED by default.
i often had to set width and height to see any textures…