Dissolve (texture transition) again

Hi vvvvolks,
I’m trying to convert an old patch made with v8.1 using Dissolve (texture transition). The problem is when I connect texture nodes to dissolve, nothing appear… Pretty anoying, isn’t it? Each separate file texture work well connected to the pillow, but both of 'em on the dissolve output nothing.

Any idea?

yeah you probably find the solution here : http://vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=beta9

things need to be connected to the renderer since version 9…

btw…can someone tell me how to set a wiki link, if i press the button just this appears: text

use double round brackets to do wiki links – like beta9
use angle brackets to link to other www pages (see the Posting Comments below your edit box)

Hi JimCrow!
Very fine to see that somebody in fact tries to use these old modules.
like u7angel commented: thes have to be reworked for use with beta9 and later versions. unfortunately i did not have the time by now. once more i promise to do this in the nearer future (ahem…).

there was another bug (don’t know if this is necessary with later versions):
when there is no texture output with those modules:

  1. opening the module with rightclick on its node
  2. once for each renderer: rightclick on node to switch to “windowed mode” and then rightclick again for “hidden mode”. sometimes the renderers needed this for being activated.

hope you get some fun with these modules!

not sure: didn’t i write this once before ?!?

@oschatz, i should clean my glasses if i had some. :/

Thanx a lot guy for taking the time to answer,
I gonna try all your advice and, since I use this node a lot, I think I gonna rework it and, if I’m satisfied, share it on the site.

Seeyalater and keep vvvvorking!


I windowed the renderer in Dissolve node, then put it in hidden mode and everything work just fine!
Thanx evvvverybody