Dissolve texture into pixels

hey folks,
is there a way to dissolve a texture into a cloud of pixels within vvvv?
(without a pixelshader)
or does anyone has a suitable shader to achieve this?
danke !

hi rassim,

look at Pipet (EX9.Texture) and its help patch. with this node its possibe get the color data at one or more positions in your texture.

or generate a spread of quads in a random cloud like shape. now connect the texture transform of the quads to the same transformations as the quads. the quads will now move “behind” your texture.

I trie the first suggestion and that works in an interesting way, although I wonder if this is what Rassim meant. I think he meant that he wants the image to fall apart or explode into little pixels.

But I learned an interesting way to display an image and determine the resolution. I see that you can change the rows and columns with the inspektor. But is there a way that I can control the rows and columns and the spread count at the same time? I was thinking of using a getslice or the counter of an lfo to increase or decrease the values of these parameters but the rows and columns have been ‘locked up’ inside the inspektor.

Other question: can this IOBOX be displayed in a render window?

Hi the rows and colums (from the inspektor) change nothing in the spread it´s just here to help in the “spread” visualisation , just look at the cross(2d) node to arrange the spread of quad like an array ,

And a io box can´t be display in a renderer yet …

true, but the image is shown in the right proportion if rows, columns and spread count have the same value.

mmmhhh, i don´t think , with the default mode