Dispose operation for main application

It would be nice if it was possible to assign something to Dispose in the main application and not only in Process nodes, so it gets called when the application closes. Currently in the main patch there is no patch explorer, so I can also not create the operation myself.

Maybe also a node like OnDispose would be nice, similar to OnOpen?

Hey @chk, what would be an example for this feature?

Recently wanted to gracefully close node servers that I opened up in a main patch with a batch file called by the Executor. This is how I solved it then after I moved everything into a process:


Would just be nice to execute something when an application closes without moving things into a Process. As “Create” is implicitely there and assignable in the main patch, I would also assume the same for Dispose.

For usability reasons this would be my favourite workflow here…

i’d argue:
put that in a process node instead of the application patch and use the standard dispose in there.

on the other hand:
i often (all the time) end up having just one node in my application patch that holds the complete app. that way, it’s easy to reuse the application (e.g. in a testbench patch) and also a good way to inspect the performance of the whole app through that nodes’ tooltip.


Yes, that is what I’ve done in this case. I just understood that the main application can have Dispose and for consistency it would be nice to also be able to trigger something in there when the patch closes, just like Create / OnOpen. But at the same time, I also don’t fully understand this Dispose thing yet…

I would be happy if there was a way to make sure vvvv actually closes. Whenever I quit vvvv from within our application or using the quad menu, a vvvv.exe process stays open 90% of the time. It would be great if OnClose vvvv could properly dispose itself.

This is a different topic, right? Sounds like a bug report.

In general, you probably have a problem with the Stride window. In any case, I have a very similar problem. For some reason the application does not close, only the window. I’ve thought about writing about this problem for a long time, but since I have this workaround by default, I keep forgetting.

I don’t think there’s any point in creating a separate thread for this (Although I’m thinking now that maybe that’s a separate topic)
My hypothesis is that the Stride window is to blame.

  • Original request: upcoming
  • OnClose node: Interesting idea, but sorrily not feasible. Maybe doable on the Application level - making the whole app run just one more frame to make the node trigger on that last Update call, but a lot harder to implement and get right than the counterpart OnOpen, which works in any patch, which is pretty much impossible to guarantee for the OnClose… So don’t expect this to ever happen.
  • vvvv not correctly shutting down: would be great to have this in a different thread.