Display your music streaming history in a time table

I’ve been working on a way to display one’s music streaming history. If you can download your history info as a json file (e.g. on spotify), with this patch you can display your data as a timetable. time table1.vl (406.9 KB)
streaming history chart1e

thanks so much to sebl for his help in this forum thread:
How to count repeated elements? :)



  1. I have added a Top20 (or TopXY) list of Songs and Artists.
    time table with top20.vl (408.4 KB)

  2. If you don’t have a json file, here are links to files uploaded by keggle user saraclay and github user Michael-Stevens-27 (thanks!).

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Thanks @texttext

In the patch you question “Why do I need this here? And is there a more elegant/less expensive way doing this?” The answer is type annotation:
Type Annotation

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Wow - thanks a lot!
I didn’t manage to do it, so thank you very much for the help! With this method I have also been able to get rid of a similar construction in the “displaying” node.
Here’s the updated version: time table with top20 v2.vl (398.5 KB)