Display audio Waveform

Hello People!
i just have a question going around my mind since some time and i would like to know if anyone knows hot to achieve it.
the thing is if there is any method to display the whole waveform of an audio file, not just the scope from the moment,
any tip? this is possible un vvvv?
thanks to all

I found waveform Bass Node. but my purpose i to be able to do it over a renderer …any idea?

I’d also like to learn how to do this. I think last time tried found some ways to do it off-line but would be nice to just have it instantly for whatever file.

+1 would be great to get audio track in the timeliner (like Duration)
Then you’ll get easy steps to put your keyframes on the timeline.

This would be awesome , actually i have a dirty way to do it via queue, but the problem is when you have a big audio file like 10 min,
+1 for waveform devvvvs!

yes, basic functionality for the audio pack… i’ll give it a quick shot, but if i run into troubles it will be april/may-ish.

(WIP) I used the audio levels from Tonfilms audio plugins to write the data to a text file, which works ok. The keyframes I tried to keep modular, but they’ve now got quite integrated into the rest of the app, its possible I will be able to extract this part after the project and reuse it as a dx timeline, if I can, it’ll go in contributions…
Sorry for the mosaic the show is yet to happen and NDA’s you know!
So it is possible to do it at the moment, with a bit of patching, currently I have linear and cubic interpolations available but no curves view, this is meant to be a simplifed timeline anyway so its not too important atm

love this cat!..wish to get the waveform data withour analyzing and write in,
think its a simple thing in dx9…
please give me feedback.
thanks for all the answers

I used dx11 and instancing ;)
Maybe you could use GPU particles to do similar in dx9?
Otherwise, a bit of heft spread wrangling into a dynamic texture, although I imageine the texture would be cpu heavy, but you could use evaluate to help?

think its just a more deep thing than draw it,choose an audio, get waveform data directly…

should be an option in dx9 to get waveform from an audio file
dont know how to get it,

v3 has it, even async reading… please test: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

… no text …

Great, thanks tonfilm

mhm! https://vimeo.com/79416583 , around 8:23

so great tonfilm, i didnt had time to play around with audio engine, and i must say im very surprised who much doors opens to me this thanks a lot men

must say i tried waveform nodes withou any success ,goes on red and in tty give me back some errors is this usual?

beta 31.2 perhaps.

did you use audio pack V3 or V4? and please try again in alpha, maybe i forgot another thing which is new since 31.2…

edit: you also might need .NET 4.5 installed, but i am not 100% sure about that…