Displacing - matrix -spreads

hi… sure it will be once again newbie questions about spreads.

I m using the trautner function, and dont want to get in my result a spread including the black information, wich is the first array 0. how can I displace my spread by +1 ? ( any tips around this question will be appreciated !)

matrix: is there any node enabling get slice function for a spread in general: if i have a spread of 10 and i want to sort this spread in another order, like a patch in lighting ?

thanks !

helo karistouf,

check CAR (Spreads) and CDR (Spreads) . they are useful for chopping the first or last slice off a spread.

resorting a spread of 10 would easily be done with the GetSlice (Spreads) node simply indicating reordered indices.

hi joreg, and thanks for the chopping ;-) !

i was to quick in my writting …
but with a spread of 10x10 ?
is there a way to handle big arrays like a matrix:

I mean i have a raw array of 10 x 10
I want to reaffect value of it to different slice
More sympatic would be to have a kind of matrix where to write the value to take from ( dont know if i m clear).
its not for a lighting patch, but it is really like a lighting patch…
i mean to do something like:
for (i=0; i

As Joreg already pointed out, the most general technique for doing these kind of things is a GetSlice (Spreads) I (Spreads) combo. this will allow you to reshuffle spreads in any conceivable way. Note that the inputs to I are spreadable also, which makes it very easy to generatate the index sequences for multidimensional reorderings.

Another node worth knowing is Resample (Spreads) )) it will be a constant source of solutions.

Another surprisingly flexible node for this kind of things is Cross (Spreads) )) its basically two Resamples one in Point and one in Repeat mode, but it allows for some very elegant patches.

Or are you only asking for Swapdim (Spreads)

merci oschatz, i was arriving in cross … ok, now i have to work it out and make as you said, a combo !
cheers and thx ;-)