DisplacementMapping (DX11.GeomFX) from instance noodles

Have been playing with displacement mapping, but have found that it’s only working on the red channel. This works well for infrared cameras, and converting that into 3d, but for much else, if it doesn’t have much red in it, the displacement doesn’t really happen that well.

I’d like to change it for luminance, is that possible?

DisplacmentMapping (DX11.GeomFX) displace question.v4p (23.6 kB)

It’s a control map, so that’s pretty much intended behavior. There is an RGB mode but I don’t think that’s what you are after- it just lets you use the three components to pick the direction of displacement. If I understand correctly that you want to use color images’ luminance as the control data for displacement along the normal then sure you can, but you’d be better off just using a textureFX for that. ColorChannelRemap should do what you want out of the box already. Also note you don’t need to build a texture array if you are only using one control map.

Cool, thanks for that.