DispatchThreadIdX does NOT work

I have created a patch with particles by gamma 5.0 and Fuse 1.0.0 alpha, everything worked great. However, when I copied and ran my patch in another pc, it did not work as normal. I generally found out that the problem could exist around in the nodes of DispatchThreadIdX, GetItem, and BufferIn. The value of DispatchThreadIdX always seem to be 0.

When I opened the Fuse example of “Use External Buffer Data” or “Use Static Buffer Input”, I encountered the same problem. For example, only one trace of grey particles was shown, instead of ten colourful traces, since DispatchThreadIdX always seem to be zero, and the GetItem has always taken the first element from the Buffer.

Do you have any idea what is going on? Thank you.

If it works on one PC but not the other, it is an issue with the machine. what kind of GPU and driver version do you use?

I did copy my patch from a game laptop to a normal laptop, here is the GPU spac:
laptop (DispatchThreadIdX works) : GeForce GTX 1080 (driver version: NVIDIA
laptop (DispatchThreadIdX does not works): Intel HD Graphic 620 (driver version: Intel

Is there any minimum requirement for Fuse library (or Stride)?

I got the same problem w/ amd firepro w5170m driver

You need to determine whether or supports the DirectX 11.2 feature set. Then it should theoretically work. Note that feature set is something different than the maximum DirectX version supported by the card.

Also, if you have a laptop with two graphics cards, make sure vvvv is running on the dedicated card. You can check that by selecting the scene window and press F2 to get the performance meter.