Discussion vvvv50 -> Raspberrypi2 - ( IoT - micro PC's Mobile ) Compiling? - Windows 10 Apps?

Just wanted to talk about vvvv50 and its relationship with new devices. The future of vvvv is one full of new devices and new possibilites. ( raspberry pi as an example)

Windows 10 on RasberryPi2


Windows 10 will be able to run on RaspberryPi2. It wont be the full featured Version so only Windows universal “Store Apps” will run on it.

vvvv50 will be based on .Net - would this make it possible to partially port patches into compiled Windowsstore Apps? - A bit like being able to use parts of VVVV.js/three.js to compile Apps.

Why am I asking?:

Boygrouping is a key feature of VVVV and has made huge installations possible.

Today the extreme availability of cheap devices that are also powerful enough for basic rendering is an amazing opportunity. A Rasberry2 costs only 35$. That by itself is just crazy.

Boygrouping is the feature which made VVVV very flexible and also lowering project hardware costs if used in a smart way. Utilizing IOT’s/microPC’s/tablet’s etc could do the same for vvvv50 and also create even deeper audience integration.

Basically asking if shared rendering or syncronised shared texture (via Lan) things would be technically possible… 35$… So many outputs and inputs!

Discussion:Whats possible?practical?exciting?

Im generally interested if there are any ideas on how non “pc” devices can be utilized in the future and if there are plans or ideas how VVVV can become a shared development platform.

    • Linux compile for microPC’s as boygroup clients?
    • VVVV.js broswer applications on all platforms n’sync?
    • profit.

Feel free to share your thoughts…