Discussing patching on vvvvorum > vvvvebmaster / dev question

aheum, maybe another really silly question, but when we are actually discussing a patch, we have:

  • screenshot approach or uploading a patch approach
  • text approach " connect a nodex to input of node y then > to …"

Is it possible and interresting in future to have a kind of schematic in the forum:

something enabling abstract nodes representation + connexions directly in the forum syntax ?
or a little board enabling to answer directly user by calling schematic represenation of nodes ?

voilà, it was the very dummy idea of the day.

i started working on exactly that problem some weeks ago, so i wouldn’t consider this a dummy idea at all :)

i wrote some javascript which converts vvvv xml into svg graphics on client side – check the demo page: http://www.zauner900.net/vvvviewer/

right now, there’s only the data used, which is present in the xml, being nodes, links and only non-default pins, so the pins aren’t aligned the same way as they are in vvvv. using nodelist.xml additionally would propably solve this.

i already talked to joreg about using this in the vvvvorums. they will thing about ways to integrate it. my suggestion would be a separate field in forum posts, you can paste vvvv code into.

i like what i’m seeing here. :)
way to go, sagishi!

:)… no text …

Sorry for the late reply, I was at OFFF and a few days at the beach after that. I quite like the idea as well. Maybe It could be possible to just paste in the vvvv-xml in between two special tags. sagishis script could then just translate that into svg.

@sagishi: Does your script work on all browsers? I’m on chrome here and it looks excellent.

Firefox too

Omg, sagishi script is awesome. I think it’s really nice solution - we can create something like Gist for VVVV code with ability to embed it to our blogs.

niceeee… :)

just a quick follow up on this. we’re thinking about it and we like the idea, but the vvvviewer is not quite ready for the site yet and we have a few things we think are more important further to the top of our list. you’ll here from either @joreg or me as soon as we’ve made progress on this.

what about taking this whole idea a step further and write a future version of the vvvv gui / interace entirely based on web technologies like javascript, css3 and jquery? on a traditional OS this could be wrapped into its native UI chrome, plus providing I/O capabilites, etc…
but at the same time patching in the browser would become possible and entirely compatible…

(and with web sockets the patching could be done on another machine / over the internet)