Disable transform node and keep last value

Hi everyone!

I’m playing with VVVV and Kinect, trying to develop a user interface for a project, and of course I’m new with vvvv.

I want to transform the height of a quad (a vertical bar) with my Right Hand Y position, but only when my Left Hand position is less than 1.6 meters from the kinect (having my left arm extended).
Whe I put my left hand on the same Z of my body, I want this transformation to stop, but the Quad (the vertical bar) should keep its last height.

Can anyone help me with this?
Thank you very much!

control2Hands.v4p (30.8 kB)

I can’t really try it right now, but changing the Switch after the Map node with an S+H using the comparison of the left hand on the Set pin and the Map Output as Index should work.

When it doesn’t work as expected, I can test it later when I’m done with my work…

I don’t know about Kinect stuff, but your situation should be as simple as using a S+H node all the time your distance is < 1.6 meters.

But if you need it to change it later again, a framedelay feedback loop is needed.

Thank you very much for your help and quick response. I tested the S+H node and works great. I guess that I’m going to keep asking for your help ;););)