DirectX-to-FFGL-Bridge problems with Resolume


I’m currently having an issue with the DirectX-to-FFGL-Bridge when getting my vvvv output to Resolume. The bridge is working and I get the vvvv renderer texture available in Resolume (Arena 4.1.7). However, the texture seems corrupt in some way. It looks similar to if the ‘clear’ pin on the renderer is set to 0, or there is some sort of trace effect.

Any assistance to get this resolved would be awesome!


Have you set both to the same Resolution?

Yeah, both Resolume and vvvv texture are at the same resolution…
Anyone else had similar issues?

Ha, okay… half way there.
Possibly due to Windows 8.1 upgrade. This removed the Nvidia driver (somehow) and so only Intel HD chipset working. I’m going to assume this was the issue.

Now though, I have the classic optimus issue - “Nvidia wglDXInterop failed to initialize”.

Arrgh, hate Optimus.

Any idea when there may be a workaround?