DirectX doesn't work!


I’ve started with vvvv just yesterday, but after few things made with GDI I wanted to try some EX9 Renderer stuff and it doesn’t work.

I’ve installed an august version of DirectX and updated my graphic card driver, but still nothing. I don’t know what to do and be really very glad I anyone could help me to solve this problem!


PS: (maybe this info will help someone) My laptop is a hp compaq nx6110 with Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS Express Chipset grapihc card (whatever it means!!).

your intel graphic chip is the reason. it’s not direct-x compliant. so the only advice one can give is : get a machine with either nvidia or ati chipset.

that is a very bad news indeed. thanks anyway.

maybe you could show me some other ways of real-time working with devices (cams, light, projectors). i’m thinking of the performance practice. being quite new in this kind of technology, i feel lost somehow and maybe vvvv wasn’t a best choise anyway.

all the best,

Hm. Your question is a little too unspecific for a comprehensive answer, but I guess you should define the term “lost”. That would also be helpful for writing better documentation.

If your problem is interfacing with Cams and Lights, vvvv is pretty well prepared for that, with support for many video functions and all of the typical lighting protocols. not necessary at all to use directX to control a few lamps.

Projectors, well. You can use openoffice to create output for projectors. Or MS Paint. ;)

If you are looking to create visual output in real time without directx, why not use flash or director or proce55ing. perhaps max/jitter have a non-openGL mode, too, but certainly it will differ in approach from a 3d system. Then there is a slew of audiovisual software for VJs which requires little or no programming skills. check out for examples.

or another very good page regarding visual madness