DirectX device handling

Hey, quite a few problems with directx device+some extra features:

  • Scissor Clipping. see . For early clipping/culling it’s a great feature to have and should be super simple to implement (same as setting viewport really).
  • Stencil Mask ( also a great way to improve performances in many cases.
  • Device handling with multiple monitors still has some heavy bugs (the problem of having to move a hidden renderer to other screen). If we render to texture then update/render stage should know what device it’s rendering on (eg only rendering windows) and update/render accordingly.
  • For multiple outputs (since now most pcs are on windows 7 and not everyone has a ATI card), we should have the option of one Device per Adapter (vvvv uses one device per Monitor). That would allow video working on several outputs (since we have only one gfx, and also would improve performances for preview purposes (for heavy first pass shader for example, with a small monitor window). Best would be to be able to choose which mode we prefer of course.
  • FileStream2 misses sound.


+1 for all of these, especially stencil!

OH YEAH BABY for one device per adapter!

+1… no text …

1 dev = 1 adapter = +10!!!

+1… no text …