DirectWrite Text with Cleartype

Hi there,

I love the new DirectWrite Text rendering nodes. Text is crisp as never before. But it’s even a bit too sharp.

Just wondering if there will be a possiblity to adjust the anti-aliasing.
The old DX9 nodes had the option to choose ClearType and other methods for that. The DirectWrite nodes do not have options for anti-aliasing.

I attached two screenshots showing the differences between DX9, DirectWrite DX11 and Photoshop rendering.

Thanks! Elio


I think you can adjust your clearType rendering system wide…

Only know that this works in Win7

elio, the good old text problem in realtime graphics. if you are used to photoshop quality, it’s hard to be happy with either dx9 or directWrite text.

i prefer rendering the texts with imagemagick commandline to texture. that gives me more control how the text looks and is resource friendly, since nothing happens at runtime. obviously this does not really work for dynamic text.

apart from being a bit more resourceconsuming wouldn’t it also always be a good option to use HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String) for high-quality ultra-flexible dynamic text rendering?

Thanks for your answers.
I made a comparison (see image below). Chrome does a good job. So for dynamic rendering that would be my choice and for static perhaps it would be best to do some illustrator or indesign scripting…


well or even remoting photoshop if that is your favorite text-rendering-look.

Wow great, remoting PS from VVVV! Thanks for the tip, I missed that one.

good comparison elio,

and Chrome looks surprisingly good, looks like their text rendering really got better