Directshow video framerate

So, camera image looks best with wait for every nth frame set to one in my current setup, but that ties vvvv framerate to the framerate of video, i am using grabing card btw.

When I set wait for every nth frame to zero, vvvv runs normal but movement on the camera is jittery.

Is there a way how to render camera texture and then add it to vvvv separately? My guess is to run 2 instances of vvvv and share texture between them? Is there a way how to do it on one instance?

if you have a camera with let’s say 30 fps and you want to run vvvv with 60fps, set ‘wait for nth frame’ to 2. so every camera frame stays on screen for 2 vvvv-frames.

i also had success in the past with setting this pin to a much higher value…

oh that seems to work now, and i was experimnting with this before but it wasnt very good, the part that changed it now can be setting mainloop to filtered rather than raw