Dir (File) outputs file.foo at the correct spreadsize

I have been bugged a bit by this one Dir (File) outputs a spread with the correct number of slices, but each slice contains file.foo

some times it helps to bang Update but not always.

I am on win7 beta33.1x64

happened to me too

i recognized this behavior if the Dir (File) is connected to a FileTexture and Quad which are disabled at startup or not evaluated

DirFileFoo.v4p (3.9 kB)

@phlegma: what am i supposed to see in this example? the iobox connected to the dir-output has 130 slices with valid files on simply opening the patch.

often but not regular i get the mentioned .foo files with this patch on a vvvv startup, when i load picturefiles like *.png and *.jpgs.
The problem seems to appear if a quad or group is disabled on startup, but until know i haven’t found a pattern behind that behavior.

I’ve been having some problems with this and I’ve found a way to reproduce it on my machine at least.

Using most recent alpha 64bit bd652604f1 create Assets (EX9.Texture Source) and connect it to Preview (EX9.Texture Source). Reports no texture - open the Assets module and hover over Dir pins and you’ll see file.foo.

If you just create Assets (EX9.Texture Source) and dont connect it to a preview, the Dir nodes are reporting correctly.

@xd_nitro, thanks that was the right pointer. please test with latest alpha and report.

yeah that’s fixed - nice one joreg. Love how that was fixed and back to me using the alpha channel!

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