Dir (File) Node: 'Short Filenames' strange behavior

The image shows Dir (File) behavior (Patch created in beta 31.2), now i add the ‘new’ Dir (File) node: ShortFilenames pin behavior changes and modules do not work with the old Dir node
I can fix this by changing the old node and selecting a new one in the NodeBrowser, but is there any way to do this without much work?

looks strange indeed but instead of posting screenshots please always post the patch.
what do you mean by:

  • “new Dir (File) node”?
  • “ShortFilenames pin behavior changes and modules do not work with the old Dir node”?

Thank for the reply,
I use ‘new’ and ‘old’ to name the Dir(File)node in beta32 version and 31.2 respectively.
ShortFilenames pin behavior:

  • on the right (Dir node from beta31.2): Shortfilenames are C:\Users\vvvv\Dropbox_aaa_patches_AAApatches\mosaico 2d\DataSintesis\file.foo… this name appear 2500 times;
  • left shows the correct filename (Dir node is from beta32)
    I don´t post the patch because this behavior changes if you save/rename the patch or if you change the directory (strange)… the directory in the patch has 2500 pinguins and 177MB
    Then, I try to create a “demo” patch in 29.2 and 31.2 to post here; but it works perfectly (strange)
    I can not explain it better than what appears on the image below
    Nobody has seen something similar?

the directory https://www.dropbox.com/sh/km9q1wmnx3xif3b/AAC6O3-NJa2UGuvoTyQ4Tv6sa

not sure i get the problem. the idea of shortfilenames is filenames without the path. so i am not sure how you get to the result on the left side of the picture you posted. the right sides output (just 0.jpg) is correct.

so if for a moment we ignore what b31.2 returns for you and seeing you show that b32 returns the correct result for you the question remains: what is now the actual problem?