Dir (File Advanced) bin size

Hi All, esp. Woei.

Wouldn’t a bin size pin or some other way of describing the file structure in Dir (File Advanced) make sense?

or is there another node for that?


why me?
that’s not my plugin…

how would you apply bin sizing there, per subdirectory?

Sorry woei, I thought it was yours. Yes, I was thinking binsizing per subdirectory, but since yesterday I have been thinking that the behaviour should be obtainable using dir in combination with SubDir.

edit: Changed Directory to SubDir

Bringing back this thread since I am again in need of this.

Is there a way to get a bin size or something like the input index of sift so I can refer each output slice to an input slice?


Weird for some reason I didn’t notice the file count pin of Dir. it does what it says on the box