Digital Grafiti

Im working with a friend on creating a Digital Grafiti screen and am trying to come up with a pure vvvv solution. The drawing part is pretty straight forward but im having trouble automating the color selection of the brush, i.e pilling a que of color spreads ontop of each other, im sure i must be missing someting!

SimpleSpray.v4p (12.9 kB)

so you need something like a Queue (Color), he?

Queue (Color).v4p (6.9 kB)

hi. are you interested in the script from this project?

hi digipic,

when you say automation the color selection of the brush, what do you mean? surely you want the user to select the colour and the color to remain constant?

Hrovac, I would like to see your script too.

Yeah something like Queue (Color) im going to try to figure a sub patch for that right now,
Yeah Hrovac, I’d love to see the script! That looks superb!

Hi XD, I probably didnt explain myselv very well, in my messy patch i manually configred the color spreads and am trying to figure a way for the user to select the color and the color spreads to carry on, just like the normal Queue but using something like a Queue (Color) as Kalle pointed out.

Didn’t you see that i attached a module?

Perhaps you can use the middle mouse wheel to scroll through the colors?

Like in the attached patch, I used Kalles color Queue to store the colors. (and add the module to my personal collection ;) ) (5.5 kB)

copy the folder in the v4beta folder open _malbg__root1 inside the demo patch dir

the biocan is replaced by the mouse

the small particle simulation for the fog is inside _malbg_sprühpatch_1.v4p

Wow, such a great response, sorry Kale,missed the attatched module, kind of a rushed day, or me just being completely stupid!
Cheers west, that looks much neater!

hrovac, thas awesome!!! Thanks ever so much for sharing, I can learn allot from it. The wii controller is a superb idea too!
Thanks Again!

yeah thanks for sharing hrovac. Great approach to creating a true spray effect.