Any more work on the DigiCamControl?

I have tried the above initial working version, couple of questions, if I could…

Do you need digicamcontrol, and do you need it running?

I am using a Nikon D750, which works fine in DigiCamControl, but getting red nodes in VVVV.

Do I need to put the folders somewhere specific to make it work.

Hello Superflys,
Theres a good chance I’l need to do a little more work on, it. It was part of the Alpha but some of the Alpha features have changed since release. I’ll have a look at the state its in tomorrow, hopefully have it working again and report back here. Hopefully it just needs a bit of teweaking on my side.


Also, could you post a screenshot of the current state of affairs? Cheers

The DynamicEnums feature of VL has been modified since we wrote this library in using an old Alpha. Not too sure what those changes were, so this may take a day to two…

hei @SuperflysiNZ

no, the pack comes with all thats needed. that said, we have only tried it with Canon cameras so far, so we cannot really be sure it works with Nikons as well, but it should…

eventually we’ll provide a nuget to simply install and it will work out of the box. for now you’ll still have to build the project yourself. i’ve just updated the repository and also added instructions to the readme. please follow those and report back if it works for you or not.

Wicked, I will give it a nudge!

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