Difficulty with some nodes of the addonpack 64bit

Ok, so probably something super simple ive done wrong, but for some reason alot of the nodes in the addonpack dont come up in the node browser. And then I can load some of them up but others say they are missing things, for example, this is what the RMS - Bass help patch looks like:

Any ideas? I thought I had followed the directions correctly but maybe I didnt?

Im like intermediate level at everything, I look at what you pals are doing and Im like, wtf, just keep working I guess if you wanna get there. So yeah, please be gentle :3

Bass in vvvv is not really maintained anymore afaik, try VAudio for audio stuff in vvvv. which other nodes are red for you? is the addonpack folder located next to vvvv.exe?

https://vvvv.org/documentation/missing-in-64bit-builds here you can see what is missing in 64bit builds, that includesthe Bass files, so if you need bass, you need vvvv in 32bit flavour. I will like @microdee recommend going for VAudio instead, it is being actively maintained.

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