Differential Growth Helppatch

With all the existing Stride Nodes so far, would it be possible to repatch this example in 3d?
And especially: Which stride node would I use to remesh a list of points?

this should be quite straight forward by just changing the 2d vectors to 3d ones.

to build generative meshes, there are some help patches in the VL.Stride package. however, you have to patch the specifics of how to build/triangulate the mesh yourself. there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to build meshes, this is often quite specific to the application/problem at hand. here is an example with code you could follow:

Thanks a lot for the input @tonfilm ! Expanding the example to a 3D-Line-Growth and playing around with it, was pretty easy as you expected. I’m trying to understand now how to expand this to a grown mesh. I’m a newbie to gamma so I’m asking myself if the best way is queuing different stages of the growth and triangulate/tesselate them, if that’s possible in gamma or if I should rather start with expanding triangles from the beginning like in the example you’ve linked above.

Hello @maxs. I’m a total beginner in the node based programming game. Did you find a solution?

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