Different videocolors in vvvv

hi all

can anybody tell my why the colors look different in windows vlc and vvvv vlc?

hm, maybe a color depth thing?

in the vlc dx11 source:
t = new DX11DynamicTexture2D(context, vlc.Width, vlc.Height, SlimDX.DXGI.Format.B8G8R8A8_UNorm);

which means, it always puts out an 32bit texture… maybe you need more?
edit: 4 * 8 makes 32, now it my suggestion seems highly unlikely.

Can you upload the video, @schlonzo?

also try a lossless codec to check whether its a codec problem or a render pipeline problem.

maybe video postprocessing plays a role here. i’m not sure about this one here but usually videos are in legal/broadcast/tv range (black = 16, white = 235) but computer monitors show the stuff in full/jpeg/pc range (black = 0, white = 255). depending on your output settings it’s possible that VLC does some color space scaling which is not done on the plugin side (or vice versa, hard to tell…)


I transcoded the mp4 to mp4 h264. seems to have something to do with the encoder profile.

with main profile:

with high profile:

funny thing: they all look different.

I think I need some lossless material from the video guys and encode it myself.
any recommendations on lossless video codecs for pc?

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