Different texture on different faces?

yep, how do you accomplish that? I understand I could join together the different textures and apply them as a single one then use texture coordinates to places each one wherever I want, but I am sure there is a smarter way.
And, by the way, what are all those 8 different Texture Coordinates you can activate on the Vertex Buffer (EX9.Geometry Split) ?


Reformulating the question: is it possible to “lay out” a textures as on UV Mapping (cube becomes a flat cross, etc) so that one can freely add and move around pieces of textures in a 2D environment?

helo io,

you’re talking about socalled multitexturing. the smart (performancewise) way of doing it is actually as you described. join all textures to one so called texture-atlas where different images occopy different reagons on one big texture. then only use texture-coordinates to decide which part of the big texture is used for a vertex.

a vertex can contain up to 8 sets of texture-coordinates that can be accessed in a custom effect.

the other way is preparing your mesh with several subsets. then you can easily assign one texture to each subset via simple spreading.

yes. all you need to do is prepare your mesh with the according texture-coordinates.