Differences between FileTexture EX9 <> DX11


i noticed some differences between the FileTexture nodes in the new DX11 pipeline, which are quite a bummer to me. any ideas how to get these under control?

  • file loading: when providing FileTexture (EX9.Texture) with a spread of filenames it will load these files in to RAM. FileTexture (DX11 2D) immediately loads them into VRAM (which is usually not as big as RAM and therefore limits the amount of graphics which can be loaded at the same time). i guess this is by design, but surprising to me. did i observe this right?

  • streaming dds files from disk: with FileTexture (EX9.Texture) it was never a problem to stream properly encoded DDS files from disk (using Dir->GetSlice->FileTexture). loading times would be around 0.001s . with FileTexture (DX11 2D) this is not possible any more. it seems like the node would do some internal conversion to the image, so loading times seem to be around 0.2s on my machine. any idea how to achieve the same behaviour like in the old pipeline? since there is no Player (DX11) yet this takes some of the sunshine out of the dx11-world…

any help greatly appreciated!

regarding the slow loading times of DDS files with FileTexture (DX11 2d):

i noticed that the loaded image always has 12 Mip Levels (that’s what Info (DX11.Texture 2d) says) even though No Mips is true and the original image does not have MIPs. so it always seems to create the Mips no matter what…

might be a bug?

Yeah FileTexture loader still needs few more options, that anyone is free to add (please note that anyone got access to full source code).

About player it’s quite the same, got more important bits (eg: general usage) to sort in the core at the moment (tfx and proper full screen being on top of the list) , so anyone is welcomed to port the dx9 version to dx11 ;)

hey vux,

thanks for the info. your work is greatly appreciated!

Also please post any idea/improvements/bugs here:

so it doesn’t get lost in 300 pages of forum post ;)

From next release you will have proper “no mips” option working. Done and working here.