Difference between gamma and beta for vvvv?

I am looking into doing visual programming and I came across vvvv. I was wanting to know the differences between Beta and Gamma?


ciao deadlytoad,

you can find the differences between beta and gamma explained in that blogpost.

TL;DR, vvvv gamma is the new version of vvvv that only comes with the VL programming language, a visual language that closely sticks to C# (with OOP paradigm and all the bells and whistles you would expect from a modern textual programming language). Since a few weeks it can also export standalone .exe applications! Note that it is in a preview state (a stable version will pop early 2020), and that it still lacks a 3D engine for now, but a integration of the Xenko game engine is on the way.

vvvv beta on the other hand is the version of vvvv that existed for 20 years now, you can also use VL in it but only inside plugins (–> nodes) that will live inside your vvvv patch. beta has grown a huge list of user contributions over the years.

soooo my advice would be : go gamma, watch some tutorials and how to, check out the HowTo patches from the help browser inside gamma. Even though it looks like it lacks important stuff for now (such as a timeline, a 3D engine…), it’s already way more powerful than beta will ever be (at least in term of logic …). everything will come full circle when the 3d engine is released :)


PS: also welcome here! and please don’t hesitate to ask questions if there is some shadow over all that.

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Ok cool, where could I download vvvv then just for a hobby use for now. Then I get good I can get the indie license then?

Hello, we have a preliminary we page for vvvv gamma here: https://visualprogramming.net

Cool, I am downloading. I will learn GAMMA then since that seems to be the new one and main focus.

@sebescudie do you have a discord or a email that I can contact you at for any questions?

yo toad,

better ask in the forum, it could also turn useful for other people!


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