Devvvv Beginners Questions

So, let me start a Beginners Question&Answer-Thread.

(1) After saving the patch, with a restart it shows me “… is missing” with a red node. What did i wrong?

(2) How to set Pins to hidden or Controlpins by code?

(3) How is caching solved by now (like its used in S+H fe)?

(4) What do I have to do, the modul will be listed in the node-list?

regards chmee

hi chmee, not being a godevvvv, but:

1- node is missing because it is or it has a subpatch or node inside wich is missing ( see relativ paths ). This happens especially when you move your patches of location or computers, see:

2- in the inspektor ( select node then CTRL I): just on the left of each topic, click the square to obtain the desired state

3-? didn t understood

4- put your modules in vvvv’s folder modules and restart vvvv, or edit the root patch

vvvvelcome !

thx for vvvvelcome. the questions 1-3 belongs to coding own nodes with the built-in c#-code editor ( so this was my intention of this thread :D)

ahh (4) for S+H i need to “save” spreads into memory - i want to code a S+H for Contour.

regards chmee

regarding pin attributes, go to this page:
Pin Attribute

if you want to have a pin in inspector only, use the Config attribute, instead of the Input attribute.

@3) there is no special mechanism for what you call caching. you just store data in private variables in your code. or what do you expect?

@4) if you clone from a template you don’t have to do anything for a plugin to show up in the nodebrowser. but in general for addons to show up they have to be in one of the searchpaths. read nodes and paths.

thx, joreg.

@3 - i hadnt tested it, sorry - my thoughts were, that they’re initialized every frame/bang/whatever…

@4 - i closed and restarted vvvv many times to check… now, after restarting my computer they’re in the node-browser. seems like a hickup…

thx - regards chmee

Some more Questions:

(5) If the calculations in evaluate lasts longer than the “bang”, what happends? (a)the plugin delivers the data as fast as possible or (b)does it start evaluate every “bang” for new?

(6) if(5) - on what depends the “bang”-period? (meaning in terms of time for calculations) - on fps?

(7) possible, the data in Input-Pins can change while calculating? Do i have to temporarly save the inputpin-data into another array/list?

(8) The Spread list does not behave like a list. So there’s no .add, no .remove() etcpp, i have to set the spreadsize via .SpreadCount(). Some hints for working with Spreads?

(9) I’ve seen a sourcecode, that does not use calculating inside of evaluate. why and how? (Link to that code -

hei chmee,

there seems to be a general missunderstanding. vvvv is framebased and as such all computation is always done in one frame. a bang is a value of 1 for one frame. a frame lasts until all computation of all nodes is finished. so if one node takes a very long time it influences the whole framerate. see? so:

@5) “If the calculations in evaluate lasts longer than the “bang”, what happends?” if you understood the paragraph above that doesn’t make sense anymore, right?

@6) you shouldn’t think about it that way. think only in frames. a bang is a 1 for one frame, followed by a 0 in the next.77

@7) again this question doen’t make sense anymore, right?

@8) have you checked the ConnectAll? it demonstrates how you internally use a normal list and then in the end assign the list to the output.

@9) that is only a template for texture output that just doesn’t do any calculation yet. if it did, it would do it in Evaluate() as well.

joreg, thanks. I know, these questions were just “simple” (not to say stupid). I’m coding a plugin, and whereas the algorithm in a php-test-setup works like a charm, it does weird things in c#/vvvv. I had to figure out, where to search/isolate the problem. (Maybe there will be another beginner, finding his answers in this thread :)

ah, thanx for this example.
regards from germany - chmee