Device drivers

elektromeier writes:

  1. a tablet driver for usb graphic tablets.
    with pressure, tilt and tool-id outputs
  1. ENTEC USB-DMX dongle
    Already know 4 vvvv users that own one off those, because they are cheap!!

Support for mouse scroll wheel

yeah the mouse nodes are kind of lame.

i propose to remove the mouse-outputs from the renderer and built another mechanism which guarantees that only the mouse values of this specific renderer are transmitted.

there should be one mouse node with all possible buttons and wheels.
and there should be other nodes which help to get relative coordinates. relative to a renderer to a viewport etc.

the same with keyboard. if you want to get only keystrokes on a renderer, then you have to use a node which only transmitts the keyboard inputs when pressed over this renderer / only if this window is the active window…
(pressing “r” should only reset the softimage camera when working in that window, it should be possible to have more than one softimage camera at a time, not influencing each other)

for the mouse again there should be a possibility to get the view- projection- and viewportmatrices for the viewport actually hoovering. this is essential to build a pointeditor, which is capable to work on several renderers.

we need a node which just retrieves an alias to the mouse-over window, to the active window…

@gregsn: that idea with just detecting the active renderer is great. this would also solve the problem of including a whole patch in the same place as the renderer or add adittional send/receives for each x/y buttons out of each renderer…