DetectObject performance

Hi vvvvusers,
I tried the DetectObject (FreeFrame DShow9) node to achieve a simple face tracking. If I set the camera resolution up to 320x240px it works very well but if I set a higher resolution (640x480px) fps falls down, also on my new i7 quadcore.

PerfMeter (Debug) node shows me that CPU is the bottleneck.

I want to show the camera streaming on a full HD monitor with a full HD camera but I think it will not work by this way.

Is there any suggestion to fix this problem?


try taking your hd-texture through an extra pass that scales it down to 320x180 (which should be enough for the face-detection algorithm) and use AsVideo (EX9.Texture) to get that texture back to a video that goes into DetectObject.

Yep! Nothing easier!

Thanks joreg…