DetectObject fullscreen

Hi :)

I’m new in vvvv cool program and I tested DetectObject - how it works … in window mode everything is OK but in fullscreen program doesn’t work … how can I fix this problem ?


detectobject is one of the most delicate freeframe plugin for me. I found some “solutions” to the crashes. First of all, try to attach a toggle in the “enabled” pin. And then, another try is, when you switch window to fullscreen and viceversa, try to leave the scene empty (detectobject often crash when it detect a face when is changing resolution or view mode).
hope it help ;)

helo hobi,

see if this helps you: What if video plays jerky or stops playing in fullscreen

thank you so much for your help :) I will try all your suggestions … you are the best ! :)

thx KK