DetectObject (Freeframe) crashing vvvv


I just noticed that since beta 33.7, trying to use the node DetectObject vvvv crashes without any error (vvvv stopped working). That is, exactly at the moment where I give it a valid Haarcascade file, like this one

Same patch, opening in 33.4, working fine.
All x86, with corresponding addonpacks.

Please tell me whether that’s enough for you to reproduce, otherwise I’ll try to pin it down more closely.

Sorry, my bad, I thought the current version I was using had no packs installed.

Has nothing to do with vvvv versions. When the dx11 pack is installed, and I try to do the above, vvvv crashes.

why aren’t you using the detect-object from the imagepack? and the imagepack in general when it comes to cv?

I am.
This is a node from the addonpack crashing though, and apparently some dll mismatch, which is annoying for anyone using it.

dear @sebl i have this error too, when i put the haarcascade file it will immediately crash the vvvv, any solution for this error? thank so much

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