Detect object-- other things that facedetection?

hi there

small question.

I want to detect the position (x/y) of people, filmed from above, can I use detectobject for that? how can I change the training file from face detection to a body seen from above?

or can I better use other stuff? had a look at eyesweb but dont totally get it…

maybe some combination of (freeframe) trackers that works better? anyone s’got some experiende with that?

I saw already the blacktrack patch from u7angel, is very usefull




I did a combi between troutner, contour and the blacktracker by u7angel.
its in the attachment, if someone wants to use it…

I wanna use it to detect positions of people, filmed by a cam highup in the air.

is this making sense?
or do you guys think there is a better way…

death from above…

troutnercountourblackspotcombination.v4p (24.4 kB)

I didnt quite run the patch b/c i dont have a camera in the air lol.

But from I can tell, this looks pretty effective.

noisecleaner node is missing, can you upload that one plz?