Designweek Milan - looking for somebody who could keep an eye on our installation

Thanks, we found somebody helping us out!


on behalf of TheGreenEyl I am looking for somebody proficient in vvvv who could take care of an interactive installation at the Design week in Milan next week from Thursday to Sunday (11th – 14th of April).

The work consists of 16 Moving Heads driven by one Computer running vvvv and a Kinect V2 sensor. A quick sneak preview can be seen here and here.

In an ideal world the person we are looking for only needs to be there as an contact person for the client. From time to time a (simple) recalibration of the Moving Heads might be required. In case of any other more demanding tasks we would give instructions via video call or login in via remote.

If you are interested please drop me a message to and we will negotiate your daily rates and availability.


Maybe get in touch with

@bjoern … jep, email already send out to dotdotdot.

Thanks for the advice!


thanks for all the interest … we found somebody helping us out!