Deserialize fails to reconstruct items of a dictionary

there is something bad happening while deserializing some xml from disc.

I made a smaller test patch, so you can see for yourself.

  1. An (somewhat more complex) object is created. It contains an internal Dictionary<string, Marker> (among some other stuff, like Spreads of other vl types)
  2. Hit Write to save it to disc. This file is actually complete and exactly what I want.
  3. Hit Read to load it from disc. The file is processed flawlessly, no errors are reported. However, an internal dictionary of the initial object will not be filled correctly.
  4. Hit Write again, and you can see, that vl never managed to deserialize the contents of the Dictionary (i.e. the markers) and left a null in place for each one.

xml_deserialisation.7z (94.6 KB)

We came across the exact same issue last week and should be fixed in RC6. At least your patch works at my end - can you confirm?

hey elias, thx for looking into it.

i can still reproduce with the alpha from Aug 28 (post rc6)

took the liberty to make the patch more self-explaining

download: . xml_deserialisation2.7z (94.7 KB)

Ok could reproduce with your second patch. Fixed in upcoming build (
I’ve also added serializers for Guid, DateTime, DateTimeOffset and TimeSpan so you shouldn’t need to save the Guid as string anymore.
Thanks again!


solution confirmed on latest alpha.

I am sure this will be the last time anyone will be so happy about the fact that it is working.

Heurekahallelulya it’s working!

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