DesciptionEdit.OnChange bug

Hey all

I’m compiling against latest develop on git, and am getting a strange error when I debug. The error appears on startup (whilst the splash screen is showing).

The curious (and perhaps enlightening) extra issue here, is that the error doesn’t appear at all if I run the exe directly (i.e. not from Visual Studio in debug mode). There are no arguments being passed from Visual Studio.

The error looks like this:

Full error text can be found here:

hm…no idea really, i’ve just tried myself but don’t get that error.

but as a workaround:
if you start vvvv first and then attach the debugger?

good idea!

either start crack and see if COMPLUS_MDA=0 is set or set that environment variable manually.

i take the liberty to set my last post as solution to this report. if it’s not tell me :)