Depthbuffer or Alpha Problem with transparent PNG's?

hi there,

actually i am trying to realize a kind of gallery preselection. i created transparent png’s with the names of the categories and used a LFO with circular spread and transform node to rotate them on the Y and Z axis. then i added some fog and everything looked as expected, except that u can sometimes see the background around the text and sometimes not.

i tried to change the depthbuffer and file texture settings but i wasn’t able to make that annoying background invisible all the time.

someone has an idea what i am doing wrong?

the attached zip contains exactly the files (v4p + png’s) i work with (16.7 kB)

hi there,


AlphaTest with the compare function pin set to “GreaterEqual” and a very low Alpha reference value.

oh yes desaxismundi,

that’s the solution.

thank you very much for the fast reply.