Depthbuffer as shared texture

Is possible to use the DX11 AsSharedTexture and FromSharedTexture nodes to share a depth buffer texture? The FromSharedTexture node returs an isValid=0 from its right pin.
Exists a way to share it or should be written a node ad hoc?


try rendering the depthbuffer in a temptarget and share its output buffer

Thanks sebl, you lead me to the solution, after sharing the rendered depthbuffer I had to convert it back to the depthbuffer format, so I used the technique learned in the vvvvonderful DirectX11 Shading Workshop videos.
A shader write the received texture in the depthbuffer. I don’t know if is the best way, if there’s a better way, but, in the first test it works like a charm.
I attach the patch, you have to open both patch, I normally use /allowmultiple parameter.

If you open the receiver first and the sender last, you have to reset the FromSharedTexture node.

If you open the sender first and the receiver last, you have to press the send button in the sender patch. (8.4 kB)