Depth image with MSKinect and openNI kinect

hello, vvvvers
I’m useing MSKinect depth plugin, but it didn’t give me what I want.
I was using OpenNI kinect depth node,
I get this which is near in white far in black

but with the MSkinect depth I got this which is Ghosting and black

how can I make the openNI depth image with MSkinect depth node?


Do want to invert it or something different? If you want to flip the black and white use ‘invert’.

thanks,but,invert won’t work for me,the second image is my right hand, I give one hand but it show me 2 hands because the ghosting.
and the other black blob is a mirror, it’s far away from my kinect,but it show as black.

hei ink,

you’re comparing two different images. if you stood in front of the kinect for the second image as you did for the first they should look the same.

in the second image your hand is black because you’re too close to the kinect. the ghosting is by design as the kinect’s IR light and camera are not in the same origin. the further back, the less ghosting. and given the way the kinect works (by throwing IR light that is then analysed by a camera to compute the depth) mirrors in the kinects view most likely lead to undesired behaviour.

also, make sure you don’t get direct light from outside (sunshine is a killer) or strong infrared sources in your room or the area tracked.

see e.g. this video ( to get an idea what the kinect is actually doing to get a depth image.

Thank you for your help guys,I will have a try.