Depth Buffer for Point (DX11 3D)?

(Apologies if I’m not using the proper jargon!)

It’s looking like the standard depth buffer mode in renderer ignores actual placement (in 3D space) of Points (DX11 3D) and just looks at order or layers in group.

So, if I have a group with a cube in the first pin and an array of points in the second, it always looks like depth stencil mode is set to No Depth (in RenderState.) I can orbit around to where the cube should appear in front but the points are always on top.

Tired it with a particle system and everything looks great :D

Am I missing something? Thanks for any help!

confirmed. now i cannot explain why it was decided to be like that, but if you look inside the Point (DX11 3d) module you’ll see a RenderState node connected to the SelfAlign effect. if you remove that, it seems to work.

so probably best make a local copy of the module and modify it as needed.

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Thanks Joreg, works great!

And it’s a great reminder to go digging around :D Been away from V4 for a while and there’s a lot of workflow I’ve been forgetting :P

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