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Hello everyone!
I have a question: I created a 3d scene, with 3d objects and texts.
I need that the objects that are behind the others, hare hidden. For this reason I setted the deph buffer to “standard” and the format in “D32_float”.

With 3d objects everything works… the problem is with the text (I’m using the node TEXT DX11 LAYER): the texts behind objects are not hidden. This is a screenshot to show what I mean:

Some texts are behind the earth, so should be not visible!

Prolly your text projection on to coords is incorrect.
You have to post some simplified example with a problem.

Here the patch of a semplified example.

If Deph buffer mode of the renderer is “Read only”, when a box is behind the other, is not hidden.

If deph buffer mode of the renderer is “standard”, when a box is behind the other, is hidden.

The text is not. I would like that also the text, when it is behind an object, is hidden. Now the text is inside the box, so I shouldn’t see it.
text_Deph.v4p (9.2 KB)

for whatever reason you need to connect something to the render state pin to make it respect depth. so a rasterizer or blend node helps.

It works!! Thanks a lot!!

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