Demolition Player not working for me

Hi all,
I can not by any means get the demolition player working. I have a video encoded with hap alpha, but the screen stays black. I am using the girlpower patch provided for this. The default .mov doesn’t play, my own video encoded using adobe media encoder doesn’t work either. What am I doing wrong? :(

What do you mean with that? What plugin do you use to encode in adobe? There might be a checkbox about “snappy bitrate”, disable that. Also try to encode with ffmpeg, there is an encoder patch in girlpower.

EDIT: Did a new export and it works now. At the moment no Idea why, that I can’t use the encoding patch prevails though.

Hey tgd, a bit of a belated reply. Nevermind my line about a default .mov. In any case I have a video encoded with this plugin for Adobe Media Encoder . There is no checkbox for skippy playarate. Playing a movie from the girlpower patches only shows a black screen to me.

The encoder patch doesn’t work for me HAPEncoder%20(HAP%20FFMPEG) as I do miss a node called shellExecute and can’t trace back as to where it comes from (using x64 vvvv). Thanks in advance for your help

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You are missing the addonpack.

Thanks for the hap plugin link. Did not know this one and its free, will check it out.

Hi tgd, I do have the latest addonpack installed :/

Your screenshot says you have put vvvv into program files folder. You might run into windows security or file attribute issues. Might be the reason for the missing nodes although you have addonpack installed. It is better to have the vvvv folder not in this place. Try a fresh download and unzip it somewhere else where windows does not care that much. Use 7zip to unzip like suggested in the installation instructions on the download page.

Dear tg,
I had already opened a new thread, now seeing that you replied this very moment. Thanks for the info, I will try another path then.
If this is a known issue I think it would help to be mentioned on the download page or installation guide. I feels logic to have vvvv in that folder!

Dear TG,
it worked. Hooray!

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