Demolition Media Hap Player - Seeking performance 4K / external clock

Please implement playback that can be synced by/to an external clock.

I tried to achieve this by continuously seeking. This works ok with HD content but not for 4K.

Using my test-setup it is not possible to continuously seek a 2160p60 hap video.
Playing the same sequence (DXT1) using dx9 texture player - which essentially should be the same performance wise- works just fine.

  • Core i5@4GHz
  • Nvidia GTX 1080
  • Samsung 960 Pro SSD (3500 Mb/s read)
  • Win 10 Pro
  • Latest Nvidia Drivers
  • 50beta35.8x64
  • DX11 1.1
  • Demolition Hap v01 (27.06.17)

The Testcontent was encoded using ffmpeg.


Hi bjoern!
Thanks for your tests!

Indeed, the continious seek feature isn’t intended to be used for large videos at all, or isn’t at least at the moment. Probably I should exclude it from the example patch for the next version.

If you need frame-precise playback control for your projects, there is going to be a different version with image-stack player-like controls, which should satisfy your needs.

Please note that the licensing for that version for companies would be on per-project per-machine basis.

If you’re interested in giving it a try in MESO, drop me a mail

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