Demolition Media Hap Player - Opening video with play disabled doesn't return texture

When opening a video when play is not enabled the player doesn’t return a valid texture.
See attached patch for details.

Hap_NoValidTexture.v4p (21.5 KB)

The Testvideo I used can be downloaded here:


This is expected behavior: by Open you just making player prepared to work with video - after that you can tell what to do next, eg. “show the first / last frame” by Next Frame / Prev Frame.

But there is another bug: if you want to show other frame from the middle, you will use Do Seek, and right now it works only with FrameDelay and does not show first frame - this needs to be fixed.

Expected by whom?

In the workflow you describe there is one frame delay between triggering open video and showing the first frame.

Expected by devs.
Yes, there is a frame delay on Do Seek event, but Next Frame & Prev Frame events will work without delay and will show you first & last frames respectively.

Hap_NoValidTexture.v4p (26.4 KB)

Next Frame also has one frame delay.

Hap_NoValidTexture_Nextframe.v4p (23.6 KB)

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