Demolition Media Hap: new version is coming, testers needed

Hello guest!
Thanks for giving the beta version a try and reaching back!
Please send me the file and I will check why it’s not working.

For the new compressors, it’s not ready for production yet.
LZ4/Lizard show some improvement on the file size, but no significant performance gain so far

A quick update on the Hap player v3 beta (download here) guys.
Lately I’ve been spending time trying to make the texture update operation fully in background, leaving the mainloop untouched, and it seems to be working now!

Big thanks to wirmachenbunt for sponsoring this feature and for pushing me towards finishing it.

Below is comparison playing 2x 4k@60fps Hap Q + 8k@30fps Hap videos (vsync enabled)
Without background texture upload:
With background texture upload:

Hope it is “a thing” for at least some of the people :-)

Please support the further player development by getting licenses for commercial projects.

Full list of changes:

  1. Video texture uploading is being done in background now, making the mainloop decoupled and generally smooth even when playing a lot of videos
  2. Reduced number of memory copying operations, gaining up to 10% of playback performance
  3. Improved calculation of decode threads number for chunked Hap files (mostly relevant to massively multi-core CPUs)

First VL/Hap R test




Will hap be able to run in increment-mode.

Related @tebjan is there / will there be and increment mode equivalent in gamma?

@sunep You could use NextFrame on each new vvvv frame. With the latest background texture upload change, the new frame should appear pretty much immediately

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Hi @lev.
How is it going with the vl hap Player? Would love to test it

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Hi. Please reach me through if you want beta-test finally there for download! The licensing is same as in vvvv beta (please support the development if you do commercial stuff with it!). Audio output comes somewhere soon


Hey any news on audio support?

hey @bjoern, the latest version should include audio output via VL.Audio engine.

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