Deltacast VideoIn DX11?

Hi all,

I’ve borrowed a Deltacast 3G ELP-40 video card. Thanks to the DirectShow filters, I can grab the inputs in vvvv via VideoIn (EX9.Texture), but the DX11 version doesn’t see anything.

The node lists the inputs correctly, but the “Resolution” and “Framerate” enums only show “Default”, and the “Properties” pin doesn’t do anything, while it works just fine on the EX9 version.

Anyone has an idea ?

Thanks :)

Not really the answer, but you can try the DX9TDX11 node…

We tried it but the after a few hours the texture would just turn black :/

Also, TTY stays silent at all times. No error message or whatever.

EDIT : We’ve also tested a BlueFish444 Epoch Neutron 4K card which works fine with VideoIn DX11 using their legacy DShow filters. Still nothing from the Deltacast :(

Any updates on this or anyone ever used Deltacast with vvvv?

I am thinking of building a custom media server and get a license for standard timeline-based playback stuff, but want to be able to use the server with vvvv as well and dive deeper and deeper to use it on projects as well. I heard of something like Deltacast has no “drivers” and needs to be built in by the software manufacturer itself, or you program your own drivers. After searching the forum (being aware that it might not work with vvvv, I stumbled upon your post. Seems to be true so far.)

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